Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Old School (redo)

I'm still getting the hang of this blogging thing (and by still I mean not at all ;) and it took me a full day to realize that I used the wrong photo for my swatch.I'm posting the one I was going to use instead A)because I am a perfectionist and even small mistakes bother me, and B)because there is no sun in Middle-of -Nowhere,Canada today and I won't be able to take a good picture for my NOTD . Not that it's ever stopped me before. Like I said,I'm still learning and a year of photography class did not prepare me for the devil that is the digital camera.I think I'm one of the few people that misses the old 35 mm manual cameras.Sure,they were clunky,cumbersome,and complicated,but I had better control of the shots.Oh well,I guess I'd better get used to the digital guys.Apparently they're here to stay.For the record,my NOTD is China Glaze's Sexy in the City.The only description I can come up with is a violent deep turquoise with shimmer. It's so vibrant that whenever I look at my nails I think "Woah!" It's like an electro-shock of colour.I absolutely love it.
As you can see,this picture shows the shimmer of L'oreal Jet-Set's Boogie a little better.Unfortunately it also shows all my application mistakes,and my "I-work-in-a-warehouse-all-day" raggedy cuticles.A hand model I am not.

Well, that's all I have for now.If (and that's a big if!) we have some sun in MON,Canada tommorow I will have more pictures.

Love and Nailpolish


  1. hey hun nice polish,u have such beautiful nails..tc hun =D

  2. Thanks Nailz-In-Aus! You're a sweetie! :)


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