Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NOTD:OPI A Man In Every Port-ugal

Hello Ladies!

I chose OPI's A Man in Every Port-ugal as my NOTD because,well,it looks good on me.I picked this up at a Winners (Canada's answer to TJ Maxx) about 4 years ago.It attracted my attention because I love burgundy (especially in winter) and it has a very subtle blue shimmer (I could actually see it in the bottle in the store).These two photos are in natural light,no flash.
It was dusk in the Middle-of-Nowhere and I had to run and get my camera before the sun went down.My door makes a pretty good backdrop,No?
The next two are indoors with flash.As you can see,the blue shimmer is made more obvious with the flash.Isn't it gorgeous?

Me messing with the ISO setting :) A little too bright!

Well,that's all I have for now.My next post will be an 'Old School' since I haven't done one of those in a while(Ok,it hasn't been that long,but I have tons of HTFs and Discontinued shades to go through,I'm just having trouble picking one).I look forward to seeing what you all have in store :)
Peace and Nailpolish,
p.s. I used 3 coats,no base or topcoat


  1. Such a nice shade. And yes! Your door is nice back drop...lol!


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