Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Transdesign Mini Haul 4 Raves,1 Rant

Still no sun in No-Man's Land,which means I have to find other things to talk about until I can take a picture without using the flash (I swear it hates me).Despite the gloomy weather,my mood was lightened when I went to the mailbox and found my Transdesign order. I finally ordered Seche Vite (rave),CG's Beauty and the Beach (rave),Turned up Turquoise (rave),and OPI's Azure for Sure(rave).The 'rant' came in the form of OPI's My Private Jet.First of all, let me start by saying I already own this colour.It's actually one of my favourites.It's a beautiful grey-black holo shimmer.What arrived today is NOT the colour I own.It's more purple (I love purple but not in MPJ),less holo(boo!) and more shimmery.I wanted the MPJ that I already have,not this impostor!Colour me unimpressed.I've seen this happen before with lipstick,but nailpolish? That's just wrong.Now I have to accept this purple mess instead of my old favourite.The funny thing is,I actually like the colour! I just don't like the name.Labelling it with the name My Private Jet means that I'll never see the pretty holo version ever again,and that makes me sad.Oh well,maybe that bottle of Color Club Revvvolution I have on order will cheer me up :)

'Fake' My Private Jet is on the left,the original is on the right.Even with my blurry camera work you can tell the difference!
Do you have any formula/colour change stories?If so,are you as neurotic about them as I am? Just Curious.
Love and Nailpolish,

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