Friday, July 17, 2009

My Name is Pinkginger and I am Addicted to Nailpolish...

Is there some type of Support Group?

You'd think that the 150+ bottles I have would be enough for me.I own some colours that I've never worn,some are so old I have to keep thinning them to keep them useable(is that a word?) and some that are not my type at all but I can't bear to throw them away.Even after I gave my mother 20 bottles(she likes reds and neutrals,I'm a fan of darks and brights),I still had enough to fill several make-up cases.What's worse,I ordered 7 more bottles today! Thank God I'm not addicted to something more expensive (shoes anyone?) Make-up and books are my only true vices.

Like A Fetish...Only less creepy!

I have always liked well-manicured hands.One of my favourite childhood pictures is of my eight year-old self in my pajamas,with messy hair showing off my perfect red nails.I didn't matter what I wore,as long as my nails were painted,I haven't changed much since then.Even though I had to cut my talons for work,I still make sure they look pretty despite the fact that I work mostly with men and none of them ever notice my nailpolish (except for the time I did an Argenteeny Pinkini and Black Onyx French manicure-for some reason they all noticed that!)

Nail Polish:Don't Leave Home Without It

I also enjoyed all the compliments I got especially when my nails were long.I don't know how many times people have asked 'what colour is that?' when I was ringing them in at my till,or sitting on the bus,or buying clothes.The other question I got was 'Are those your nails?' most people thought they were acrylics.As a rule I don't do acrylic nails.My natural nails grow fast enough on their own,and I've seen the damage that acrylics can cause with poor maintenance-that's enough to scare me away.

Nails,Not Tools

I loved having long manicured nails but I had a few pet peeves.For one,people always assume that because you have long nails,you must not do housework.(Huh?) That's why gloves were invented.I always wear gloves while doing any chore that involves putting my nails in water for long periods of time or exposing them to any type of damage. Also, there are a select few people who use their nails as tools,(can opener,label peeler,etc...). I am not one of those people.The reason why I can grow my nails so long,(other than genetics),is because I protect them. I prefer to use metal tools for that nonsense.

One more thing before I go...

Looking at all of the nailpolish blogs is not good for my habit! I've already been exposed to brands I didn't know about (China Glaze,for one).And my already long wishlist has grown much longer. I have found a community of enablers,and I'm stoked about it.

Love and Nailpolish,


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