Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen...My Very First Swatch!

Lubu Heels by China Glaze in direct sunlight.

Ok,so I don't know how many gentlemen (or ladies,for that matter) will be reading this.I am not a professional,I'm just a chick who really really likes nailpolish.I did take photography in university,but what I learned doesn't help with digital cameras.So here they are,My first NOTD.(please ignore the messy paint job-I was trying to paint and watch Coronation Street at the same time :)
I love this colour because it is like the flashier cousin of one of my other favourites OPI Midnight in Moscow.To be honest,I'd never heard of China Glaze until I started reading everyone's blogs,now it's one of my favourites.


  1. very nice, just did this one myself :)

  2. Thanks kelliegonzo! Yours looked great :)


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