Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Confessions of an Unrepentant Nail Polish Geek

I've loved nail polish since the tender age of 5.My teenage, (and therefore,cooler) cousin Kerri decided that she'd give my(then) stubby nails a coat of polish.When I saw the finished product I was hooked.From that day on,I have been an avid nail polish collector.I've been blessed with thick,strong, natural nails that,if left alone,can grow about 2 inches long.They are well-shaped and rarely-if ever-without polish.Until last week thought I was the only one who felt naked without my nailpolish. I was google-ing OPI's La Boheme(my discontinued fave of all-time)looking for sites to order it from,when I clicked on a random nail polish blog by accident (or was it fate?) I was so relieved to find out that I wasn't alone in my love for nail lacquer!I found a whole community of people who felt the same way I did! So I've spent the past week looking at swatches,reading reviews on different nailblogs and I must say I am impressed by all of them-epecially the ones with nail-art (I sooo do not have the patience for that!).I've added to my already long wish list of colours based entirely on swatches I've seen,and I have found an entire community of polish-addict enablers (much like my bibliophile coworkers).I can say without shame that there is no such thing as too much nailpolish.Thank-you lacquer-heads for helping me realize it.

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